Write the Right Words

Let me save you the headache of wording a clear message.

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Creative Copy 


  • Stories for marketing

Stories and word pictures are powerful tools to connect your customers to an experience. Showcase benefits in a relatable way. 


  • Marketing emails or letters

Information overload means that word choice for subject lines and introductions will either guide your customers to action or lose them. Let your customers experience good quality information with every contact from you. 


  • Words for print

When space is at a premium, every word counts to make sure your ad grabs the attention you want it to. 



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Content Building


  • Website content

You’ll want to use words that optimise your ranking in a Google search.  Plus, it’s harder to read online content, so it’s important that your customers find information that is simple to follow. 


  • Blogs

New content keeps your customers interested and drives traffic to your website, but it takes time to research something worth reading. Take a look at my blogs on this website for samples of engaging content.


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  • Proofreading

You know those times when ‘your’ sneaks in place of ‘you’re’? Does the sentence actually say what it’s supposed to? Let my attention to detail help you avoid unnecessary embarrassment when you’re communicating.


  • Speechwriting

Having done a fair amount of public speaking, I know about drawing your audience in, having an accessible message, and not going over your time limit. I can help you script words to carry your message clearly.


  • E-newsletters

Have a stack of information that needs to be organised into an easy read? Let me edit and compile the bits and pieces into an accessible whole for you. 




Caryn assisted Epoxy Solutions in improving systems and procedures in 2019 and 2020 … Caryn also rewrote many of our market facing documents, including our technical project sheets. The documents were changed to be more attractive and interesting, yet they still addressed the technical aspects of the project. Caryn has a skill to bring out and effectively communicate the benefits Epoxy Solutions can offer our clients, which I believe will result in Epoxy Solutions growing business. We intend to continue using Caryn to proofread our documents and I can highly recommend the quality of her work.


Lionel Jacobs

Company Director

Epoxy Solutions

Feb 2020